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  • Therapy Services Network (TSN) was established in “Year 2000″.
  • TSN is a Social Enterprise which offers quality support services to the people with individual needs.
  • We provide highly specialized services at reasonable cost.
  • We work with a wide network of professionals in the field of -
  • Education,
  • Early Intervention
  • Clinical Services
  • We run “Certified Training Programs” for parents and Professionals.

Individual child therapy and assessments with the positive approach

Appoint us for the occupational therapy. We have years of experience for the different therapies. We help you for the physical therapy to strengthen the muscles, improve motions. Especially for the children, come to us to avoid surgery and prescription drugs. A dedicated centre is there for the speech therapy Singapore. Your children will get the proper guidance for any type of language or speech regarding trouble. Experts first examine your child for which kind of problem he/she is facing. After the proper assessment, they arrive with the accurate report.

We are one of the proficient speech therapist Singapore. You can come to us for the psychological, speech, children at risk, education assessments. Have the effective treatments intended for the specific health regarding troubles. Our professionals take care of all the customers individually. They will definitely get the dedicated quality support. We are here to hear your problems calmly and treat you appropriately. Attend our training programs and workshops to make you aware about the troubles. Industry experts are there to hold the seminars with the reasonable prices.

Meet the most practiced Singapore speech therapists in Therapy Network. You will surely find the best answers for many questions arise in your minds regularly, if you do not find your kid interactive. Know the actual causes of speech and language problem. Our speech pathologists help your child in the language development. They will also give you some parenting tips to encourage children to communicate properly and make effective use of language.

Our Commitment 
Result Oriented Services with Extensive Range of Specialized Technologies