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Our millions thank to specialist ,SROT,Occupational Therapist.

My son,M. Lee was diagnosed in 2006 by KK Hospital on the spectrum of mild autism with several speech delayed, poor eye-contact with poor social skills. We kept returning hospital for OT and ST services since then, however not able to see significant changes and improvements.
But since I approached specialist in 2009 and started working with him, I begin to notice great changes in my son. He has shown his keen interest to play with specialist. Not only engagement in meaningful manner, he has began to express and communicate through the play. While at home , Marcus is also trying to express/ communicate more in the play with us. Specialist has coached both of us (parents) to facilitate communication through the home program.

We strongly agree with specialist, through the floortime coaching which facilitated the basic foundation of relating and communicating . M is able to engage meaningfully and he is picking up the shared social problems solving skills slowly and while doing so he tries very hard to communicate using language.
In this couples of month, we had seen the results. Here specialist is a very experienced OT, he knows what is the best approach for a special need child. He is very willing to share with parents his skill as to help the special need child to improve in their developments.
Specialist at Therapy Service Network are really our great help.

Mr and Mrs Lee
26 February 2010

Mr and Mrs Lee
Our daughter was diagnosed with possible ASD after which we met specialist. She was about 21 months then. She has been making steady progress. Her doctor couldn't believe the progress she had made when she saw our daughter during our revisit just 3 months later. specialist is really good working with her. He is able to understand, judge and most important of all able to communicate with her and get her to communicate. Also he is able to help us work with her and get her move ahead. He is also very proactive about follow-ups, providing material which were really helpful, very open and understanding the issues we face with our daughter. We are really glad we met specialist.
- by Muthu and Parvathy

Muthu and Parvathy
Specialist has been treating my son Martin (12yrs old), who was diagnosed under PDD. Over a period of time Martin has shown excellent progress ad accomplishments in the areas of self- regulation, planning and organization, motor control, executive skills and overall personal confidence. We have been very impressed with his problem solving approach and developing the strategies to help Martin understand the concepts in a subtle manner by engaging in the play task.
- by Matthew Brown (Managing Director)

Matthew Brown