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Established in the year 2000, Therapy Services Network (TSN) has crossed many milestones in providing quality support services to children with individual needs.
A dedicated team of professionals are providing an array of services in the fields of :-
• Education,
• Early Intervention
• Clinical Services
• Speech therapy
So as to provide for the emotional, developmental and social needs of your child.

Our highly experienced Occupational Therapists deal with issues relating to motor challenges, sensory processing issues, attention deficit issues, social skill challenges, functional skills like handwriting, comprehension problems and other cognitive behavioural challenges.

The therapists at TSN provide free assessments for each and every child based on his cognitive attributes and academic performance. On the basis of the report, they provide early intervention programmes to develop coping skills, resilience, building self esteem and overall emotional and psychological well being of the child.

Our proficient speech therapists tackle issues relating to language, speech and communication, where in each child is taken care of individually in language development. They will also give parenting tips to encourage children to communicate properly and make effective use of language.

Join us for “Certified Training Programs” for parents and professionals and hear the experts speak about the various challenges they have faced in various cases and their experience in dealing to bring about a positive outcome in such cases. This will make each parent and professional to handle the children more sensitively and proactively and make a difference in their lives.TSN slider1


Occupational Assessments

Initial Assessment

This is an essential step in the process to identify the needs of the child as well as to set up the performance baseline for further intervention.

When a child is seen for the first time, a comprehensive assessment is recommended to start with. However, this also depends on the child’s ability and necessity. Hence the assessments are carried out in flexibility based on the needs of the child.
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can be provided in the centre on hourly basis. During this time the therapist will provide direct treatment, monitoring or consultation services. The goals and frequency of services are individually determined by the IEP team and family. Therapy is designed to seem like play to the children, yet the therapist draws upon extensive training in specialty areas to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed to help the child reach his greatest functional potential word relate to child’s occupational role as a student.The list below identifies some of the treatment approaches used by the school based occupational therapist .