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Psychological Assessments

Duration – Depend on the type of assessment and the complexity of the issues.
Attainment Testing – In case the child is not performing well in the school.
IQ Assessment – At times these assessments are required for specific reasons. These are Needs Assessment – Assessment of developmental Needs for children with Developmental
Diagnostic Assessment – A multi-disciplinary Assessment for children with Developmental
Report – Our psychologist ensures a comprehensive report and with assessed through Standardised Tests.
Issues -
Disorders like ASD is available.
recommendations for services as well as for parents to enhance the
performance of the child in school.

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Duration – 60-90 (with client)
Standardised Assessment – Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), Visual Perception Testing, Information Processing Testing, Motor Skills testing, Visual Motor Integration testing, Handwriting Assessment.
Non-Standardised – Behaviour Organisation, Sensory Integration, Play, Handwriting, Sound Therapy, Speech Therapy Assessments.
Duration – 60 min to 120 minutes.
Standardised Assessment – Various Assessment tools are used to identify the issues in.
Non-Standardised – Language Assessment children.

Articulation assessment

Physical Therapy Assessments –
Standardised Assessment – Motor Skills testing
Non-Standardised – Postural Assessment
Gait Assessment

Children at Risk assessment

Duration – 30 Minutes
Standardised Assessment
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This is the services available to any parent who notices any deviations in the pattern of the attention, behaviour and performance of his/her infant or child.
We offer comprehensive assessment of the child which includes the assessment of the child in home setting as well as in clinical setting.
This is a Standardised Assessment and helps to identify the factors which might influence the growth and development of the child.