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Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is a profession dedicated and committed to helping our fellow human beings successfully live their lives to the fullest potential. In the area of Paediatrics, we are concerned with the child’s functional performance and how to improve the child’s ability to interact within his or her everyday environment at home, school or out in the community.

Areas Addressed in Occupational Therapy

a) Oral Motor skills                                           f) Adaptive equipment modifications
b) Motor Skills                                                  g) Disorder of Fluency
c) Self-help skills                                             h) psycho-social play skills
d) Handwriting                                                 i) Visual Motor skills
e) Sensory Processing Skills                          j) Environmental Adaptation
f) Motor Planning and Sequencing                 k) Communication skills
l) Praxis


Children with learning and developmental difficulties has various underlying problems related to the body, brain and behavior. These underlying difficulties blocks their learning, attention and performance. An paediatric occupational therapist not only addresses the underlying issues, they also work on functional issues related of children related to motor development, hand skills, handwriting and activities of daily living.

Kids Who Might Need Occupational Therapy According to the AOTA, kids with these medical problems might benefit from OT:

• birth injuries or birth defects                                            • sensory processing disorders

• traumatic injuries (brain or spinal cord)                           • learning problems

• autism/pervasive developmental disorders                     • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

• mental health or behavioral problems                             • broken bones or other orthopedic injuries

• developmental delays                                                     • post-surgical conditions

• burns                                                                               • spina bifida

• traumatic amputations                                                    • cancer

• severe hand injuries                                                       • multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other chronic illnesses

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