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Physical therapy

Physical Therapy is the use of physical means to enhance posture, balance and movement. Physical therapists incorporate muscle strengthening and training. The goals of the therapy is to correct the abnormal patterns of movements through directed activities, enhancing correct posture alignment, equilibrium and righting reactions and increasing endurance and independent mobility.

Areas Addressed in Physical Therapy

a) Gross Motor development                          e) locomotion patterns
b) Muscle tone                                                f) Postural control
c) Neuromuscular function                             g) Pre-gait and gait training
d) Musculoskeletal status                               h) Bracing


Paediatric physiotherapist are specially trained to provide therapeutic intervention within the context of the developing child. Our therapists have a broad skill base with which to assess and treat the diverse needs of your child. Such needs may include:

• musculoskeletal posture, movement, strength and endurance

• gross motor skills

• balance and co-ordination

• social, cognitive and communication skills

• motivation and emotional support

Paediatric Physiotherapist provides assessment, treatment and ongoing education for a wide variety of paediatric conditions including:

• Developmental delay

• Cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions

• Acquired brain injury

• Gross motor delay

• Hypotonia

• Genetic Disorders

• Developmental Co-ordination Disorder

• Motor Delays related to sensory disorders

• De-conditioning from prolonged illness or hospitalization

• Cystic fibrosis

• Acute chest conditions

• Torticollis

• General orthopaedic conditions