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Speech therapy

Speech and Language Therapy addresses the physical aspects of communicating a message (For Exapmple – articulation, voice, fluency or rhythm) as well as helping children understand and use language to communicate thoughts and feelings.
Speech language pathologists assist children in developing optimal communication skills depending on the nature of their difficulties to help them better function in the world.

Areas Addressed in Speech and Language Therapy

a) Expressive language                             e) Disorders of voice
b) Receptive Language                             f) Disorder of Fluency
c) Articulation / Speech Production          g) Pragmatics
d) Oral Motor Skills                                    h) Verbal reasoning/ problem solving

Certified speech pathologists to overcome the language disorders

We help the kids to understand the language properly. There are certain norms defined by the expert speech language pathologists. For the certain age, your child is supposed to give some actions regarding communication skills and language. We give your child a personal attention for the normal speech and language development. As the reputed child therapist Singapore, we take care of your child to develop the communication skills. We look out the kids to improve their command over the language.

Many activities are covered in the speech therapy for children Singapore. We address and train your children for the expressive language, receptive language, oral motor skills, pragmatics, voice disorders, verbal reasoning, articulation, and much more. Our experts guide the children for language delay or disorder. There are many reasons that your children may face some difficulty with the speech and language regarding skills. A deep research is needed to diagnose the actual problem your kid is facing. We are known as the child therapist Singapore to guide your children according to the trouble he/she faces. Consult us for the speech disorders, language disorders, medical conditions, sluggish development process, etc. A perfect training will be given to your kid for the fluency in the speech.